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Need Help with Skript + Luckperm for Rankup



Hi all,

I'm in need of help with+ skript for luckperm group rank up..it seems if i cut down the codes that im working with i having problem which the part that checking if I'm in what group..

"if player's group "warrior""

currently when run the command  /rankup..the skript straight away skip to the last else. Which does not going to rank the players. and i'm not sure why its not working.


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Unless Warrior is the default rank they're always going to get the highest rank message. Maybe make it so it checks first if the player really is the highest rank before sending the  "You're the highest rank" message.


I hear 'if player's group is' is pretty bugged in terms of skript. Instead use 'if player's permission is "xyz":' and assign a special permission to each group. Foolproof workaround for the if player's group is statement being broken.


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