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can someone make a /rankup skript?

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    Rank: coal

command /freerank:
        if {freerank::%player's uuid%} is not set:
            set player's group to "{@Rank}"
            set {freerank::%player's uuid%} to true
            broadcast "&6%player% &8>> &eGot there free rank from /freerank!"

        if {freerank::%player's uuid%} is set:
            message "&cYou have received this package in the past."

command /freerankreset [<offlineplayer>]:
    permission: rankup.admin
    permission message: &cInssuficient permission!
        if arg-1 is set:
            if arg-1 is online:
                clear {freerank::%arg-1's uuid%}
                message "&6FREERANK &8>>&e '%arg-1%' is not online!"
            message "&6FREERANK &8>>&e    Please state a player!"

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