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Ban Appeal- GregoriusSussell

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What is your username?


Were you muted or banned? 


What were you punished for?

Elytra Fly, Scaffold, Speed (14bps) 

When were you punished?

The 22nd of May

Why should you be unbanned or unmuted?

Everyone deserves a second chance as long as they dont mind, I am an anarchy player so to not use hacks is odd for me sadly, I accidently logged on not knowing i was on Meteor Client ( my hacked client ) meaning I had my hacks on and used them, After I realised I was using them I continued for another 10 minutes until stopping but shortly getting banned after a release of people knowing in chat.

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I'm going to be honest but I dont know what to think of this, you didn't admin that you were hacking you just told a story, I am going to deny this but you can reappeal if you would like.

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Owner/Developer of WWWings

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