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The official club for WWWings, an Elytra based PvP server.

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  2. It's been down for awhile, but it is about to rerelease with a bunch of new stuff. If you want more info you can join the discord (https://discord.gg/wwwings)
  3. i used to play on the server but now it seems dead
  4. I was muted because some kiddo reported me for spamming for no reason my user is .kidboy25734 or kidboy25734
  5. Hello i got banned for botting while doing nothing bad ign notcholino discord Godz#3943
  6. Here is the story. I was logging onto my main acc, like normal. And I forgot the password. So i clicked reset password, and i typed in my email, and it did not work. So i made another acc. because my email didn't work, and i had an alt email. then i got banned for botting...
  7. Hi My username: The_blue_sky55 (in minecraft) i want to buy Donator rank and 150 Feathers but i find wwwings close so can you open please wwwings to buy stuff please Thanks for your Time! Have a nice day :)!
  8. Username: icec1cle Punishment: Mute Reason: Sending ""kys"" in chat targeted towards RandomUsername (the manually pinged everyone dude) Day of punishment: October 9, 2021 Reasoning for unmute: I feel like I should be unmuted because this ""harmful message"" was targeted towards a nolife that manually pinged everyone in a chatting website.
  9. Hello, My name is legenduda and I was muted for saying the same word 2 times in a row. Please Unmute me I promise ill never do it again!
  10. You were banned for kill aura on 5/28/2021. Resubmit an appeal.
  11. I feel for you but you don't meet the requirements to be unbanned. If you can reply sharing your minecraft files, proving you have no hack client I'll unban you though.
  12. Thank you for fixing your mistake! You've been unmuted.
  13. Hi RomanPlayer22! Looks like you were punished on Minehut. This appeals section is for specifically for this club and not the right place to make an appeal. Anyway, it seems that the punishment is lifted. Make sure to submit your appeal/report here instead or send them an email at support@minehut.com, if the form doesn't load. I will be locking this post now. Ciao~
  14. What is your username? Marlyy Were you muted or banned? Banned What were you punished for? cant remember When were you punished? Idk 5 months ago? Why should you be unbanned or unmuted? Because its been so long idek why im banned XD (lol im not getting unbanned am i XD)
  15. I am sorry about writing a very long paragraph
  16. What is your username? RomanPlayer22 Were you muted or banned? Muted What were you punished for? I said that we dont care to a person because they said "I got banned from some server" and it muted me for discrimination for a 1 month and some weeks / days or so. When were you punished? The 6th of October (which is today) Why should you be unbanned or unmuted? I am sorry, I will try to not do it again, I just said that because I got ticked off and you know my i behave differently when someone says useless things, sorry about that. I didnt knew telling someone that no one cares is a discriminatory language thing. I realized i made a mistake now, once again sorry about that. I learned that i shouldnt say such things from now. Sorry!
  17. pls its been 2 weeks its supposed be 1 unmute me
  18. i was muted for 1 week its been 2 unmute me please
  19. What is your username? Monsterboogs Were you muted or banned? I was banned What were you punished for? I was punished for critical hacks I believe When were you punished? 03/14/2021 Why should you be unbanned or unmuted? its been so long ;-; I wasn't hacking though I dont have anything to prove myself innocent but I just like elytra PVP and its in my 1.9 combat witch is my favorite theres no real reason to unban me but I just wanna play on the sever again
  20. Edited your message since you mentioned that it was a slur I removed it!
  21. What is your username? GlitchOnMc Were you muted or banned? Muted What were you punished for? I said r word in minecraft chat When were you punished? The 27th of September Why should you be unbanned or unmuted? I thought r word and dumb were the same thing (Blu explained me it's more of a slur)
  22. You don't seem to be banned on the WWWings server. Perhaps you're banned on Minehut itself?
  23. What is your username? DreadGlobe46819 Were you muted or banned? Banned What were you punished for? For leaking When were you punished? 5/10/21 Why should you be unbanned or unmuted? The location was't specific. It was a joke amongst our friends and having me even muted in lobbies would be more suitable than being banned cause I still want to play with my friends on a server. Im truely sorry and it wont happen again. Having this server creates more chance to have fun with my friends in these challenging times. Again, I'm truely sorry but a more suttle punishment like being muted in lobbies would be more suitable for this situation.
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