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My mute...


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What is your username?


Were you muted or banned? 


What were you punished for?

Being slightly toxic.

When were you punished?

(lost track of the dayz due to corona, but i think 5/23/2021

Why should you be unbanned or unmuted?

Because, the other person (check logs) was also being rude to me, which made me a bit rude back. He said things like "lol see ur bad" and "just get better lol" which wasn't the nicest thing in the world. THis is why I should be unmuted, because I am usually not toxic unless another player makes me. 

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This is accepted, but counts as a strike, next time it will be permanent. Both of you were muted for toxicity since we do not tolerate any form of it here, if someone is being toxic towards you can do /ignore <username> and report it to staff and we will handle it.

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