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Minehut is the best

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I like Minehut's new corporate approach to moderation, really brings out the anti community aspects we've all grown to love over the past three years with SLG's acquisition of Minehut. Hell, they even demoted benny, who has been part of the staff team for many years. They obviously care a lot about us!

And the Community Market! What an amazing way for SLG to promote creators to create their own skripts! Nevermind the 40% cut they take out of every purchase and the never ending ads that make it impossibly annoying to run a free server, this is definitely a community oriented feature aimed towards helping creators earn a small passive income for their work at the expense of the 70% of the player base who has to live with nonstop ads unless they purchase a premium server plan! Lets hope they will use this money to help better Minehut as a whole, like updating the long outdated web text editor, or adding a live console finally, or adding crash logs for server owners who have been begging for them for years. Lets hope the money made from the community market goes towards those things, they definitely wont spend 600 dollars on a hub that nobody likes, or remove the most community oriented feature in favor of a paid staff team that is only active on discord, they would never do that! Oh, and also something I love about minehut are the moderators! I love how they ban people for no reason, and I love that they dont have to provide proof for any punishment, including perm bans!

I love minehut! Best server ever!

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