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Server Still Crashing




This is a second Post I've done on this topic but Minehut just went down for maintenance and now is back up but my servers still crash (I've also accidently hid the other post)

On the first post I got answered to wait since the servers were down but now the servers were down for maintenance so im gonna ask again just in case

It usually takes 15 seconds to go back offline

People now are also agreeing that they have server problems

this is the original post

Yesterday evening (BST) (20th May) I attempted to start up the server but it just went offline straight away, I thought Minehut was just offline since the server was still running well during the rest of the day and I attempted to start it up again today afternoon (16:30) and it did the same thing with the "starting" text and then saying "Offline" and then it wouldn't start up again after that until the server is hibernating again.

It says that it cannot connect to a fallback server. I also noticed the nothing about that was said on the Minehut twitters. Other servers of mine also keep doing this and it doesn't matter if I start it up from the lobby or the console

I want to know if anybody else is experiencing these issues or how to fix this because I haven't seen anybody say anything about this problem on the lobby for the like 5-10 min I looked for.


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Added "It usually takes 15 seconds to go back offline" and "People now are also agreeing that they have server problems" also now answered
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