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Can I remove 9000 entities with a plugin?



My friends and I were fooling around on our server, and well my friend summoned over 9000 totems of undying. how would we be able to get rid of them? our game crashes every time we log into it so is there is no way we could lava it or anything. I was wondering if we could download a plugin to clear those totems.

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There is no need for a plugin! Either navigate to your Server dashboard and just put on the latest save. No need to worry if you haven't backed up your world, the server does it automatically! Once you are in the server Dashboard go to Backups and search for Restore Server. This will then put on the latest save, just give it a few minutes!

In case this doesn't work, try to Repair the server files! You can do this via the Server Dashboard in the Danger Zone. Simply click the Repair Files button and wait a few minutes!

Good luck! Let me know if that helped!

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