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someone took over my server and /pardon won't work



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Looks like the guy ip-banned you. Navigate to your server Dashboard and find the file manager. In there you should be looking for banned-ips.json. When you enter this file, you will find a list of every banned ip on your server, including the player names! Find your own IGN and copy the IP that can be found at the top of the paragraph including your playername! Then head back to Appearance, once you are there find the console and type the following command: /pardon-ip <your IP>. Once you did this you should be able to join your server again!

Good luck! Let me know if that helped!

hey everyone o/
i'm Just5MoreMinutes! a developer, writer, and wanna-be musician. i drink an unholy amout of coffee.

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IGN: Just5MoreMinutes
that's it, cya!

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