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Simple Boss Skript


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on rightclick with nether star:
    name of player's tool is "&5&lBoss Summoner"
    remove 1 of player's held item from player
    spawn 1 of zombie at location of player
    equip last spawned zombie with diamond chestplate of protection 1
    equip last spawned zombie with diamond leggings of protection 1
    equip last spawned zombie with diamond boots of protection 1
    set last spawned zombie's held item to iron sword of sharpness 1 
    set last spawned zombie's max health to 50
    set last spawned zombie's health to 50
    set display name of last spawned zombie to "&6&l&nZombie Knight"

command bossstar:
    permission: op
        give player 1 of nether star named "&5&lBoss Summoner"
on death:
    if display name of victim is "&6&l&nZombie Knight":
        cancel drops
        give attacker (random integer between 0 and 2) of wither rose named "&b[&eR&ao&cs&6e&b]" of protection 1

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