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What is your username?


Were you muted or banned? 


What were you punished for?

Using carpet mod free cam to look around the server (which may I add gives no advantage, was doing to see what was causing fps lag)

When were you punished?

June of 2020

Why should you be unbanned or unmuted?

Does not give any advantage - was also because of use of a 'hacked client' when its carpet mod - research what that is, it is in no way comparable to a hacked client + I like the server

Mods I mentioned: https://masa.dy.fi/mcmods/client_mods/




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Accepted, although in the livestream you had wurst client, as it was in the top left of your screen, we do not allow mods that allow you to freecam/freelook so stick to the safer stuff like optifine and sodium and you should be good

Owner/Developer of WWWings

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