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mobs wont spawn in the end



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I think I maybe have a solution for your problem! The first thing you can try to do is /gamerule doMobSpawning true. Probably it was accidently set to false.

Do you use WorldGuard? If so try to use /region flag __golbal__ mob-spawning allow. This will change the term for your entire world to allow. But it doesnt really matter since the end is included.

Another possible reason might be a mob farm. In case you have a mob farm somewhere in the end try to deactivate it! Probably your entire mob-cap is there. Also try deactivating overworld mob farms in case you have any.

One last thing you could try is doing some stuff on your servers dashboard. Open your Dashboard, navigate to Danger Zone, once you are there you will find Repair Files click that button and wait a bit! Be careful though! Make a backup in the Backup section before clicking the Repair Files button!

Good Luck! Let me know if any of that worked!

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A solution you might want is to go to the End and manually set your difficulty. I had a problem where the End and the Nether on my server were stuck on Peaceful while the Overworld was on Easy. When I went to the End and manually changed the difficulty, it spawned in a ton of Endermen.

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