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i need help

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i need help making a dupe script that if you put for example a enchanted golden apple into a shulker box or something you can break and place and bring with you it would say that item is blacklisted preferablly with the cmd /dupe add while holding item also could whoever is gonna helping me i also need a /stack script that would x4 the item you are holding and with the same thing as the dupe script i need it so if you put it in a shulker box it would say its blacklisted again with /dupe add tysm

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wrong topic



Likes are appreciated ❤️


Username: SuperOrca

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Experienced in Python, Java (mainly spigot), Javascript (node.js, basics of react.js), and Web Development. DM on discord me if you want a custom discord bot for your server (i'm bored).

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Not sure if this is the perfect place to talk about it try:  Discussion

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• 4-5 years of skript experience
• 6 Months of active java experience
• 2 Years of javascript and python experience


Helpful Stuff:
Appeals and Reports  - Here | Minehut  Global And forums rules - Here

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