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Minehut server active with owner's computer turned off?



Hi, I'm new to MC server community and would be greateful if you guys could give some advice.
Our server owner seldom puts server online, like only couple times a week, so I wonder does the owner really have to be online, ie. having his computer turned on(meaning not necessarily playing the MC at that time).

It isn't clear to me why he doesn't just click "activate server" on minehut and has it active all the time, having his computer turned on or off, but maybe I am missing something.

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No. You can join the Minehut server mc.minehut.com and do /join servername so if the first part of the IP of his server is, say, Survival as in Survival.minehut.gg you'd join the Minehut server and do /join Survival it will then automatically start the server and after a while you can join for yourself.

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So how i understand my friend for example wants to join and the server is deactivated it will start by it self?

I dont expect an answer because the thread is old but if you see thus answer pls answer this answer... sounds wierd

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