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My server has crashed.



I played on my friends server and i put the command /gamerule randomtickspeed 300000 or something in, as a joke but the server crashed. I can join the server but i cant do anything it just freezes. 

Can anyone help?

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Yep. Seen this before. I usually just fix it with Skript.

Edit Server > Plugins > Install Skript > Restart Server > File Manager > plugins > Skript > scripts > Create new file named start.sk > Input the code below into the file Click Save > Restart Server

After following those steps in that order, it should work. The code:


on server start:
      execute console command "/gamerule randomTickSpeed 3"

You could also just execute it through console when the server starts, but this method makes sure the task is done as soon as the server starts so the command 100% goes through.


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