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How to use the Simple Portals plugin

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REQUIREMENTS: Simple Portals

Introduction to the Simple Portals plugin:

Simple Portals is a plugin that allows you to quickly create regions that teleport you to different areas, as well as add commands to certain regions! This plugin works both within one world, or throughout multiple worlds!

Basic Portal Setup:

After you have the Simple Portals plugin installed, join the server and perform the command /sp sm which both enables and disables the Simple Portals Selection Mode, so you can select the portal area.
The area can be any sort of cube or rectangular selection, you can simply left click the first selection then right click the second selection.
You will then want to create the portal with /sp create (portalname) this should put particles within the entire selected area so you can see where the portal is, then perform /sp sl (portalname) to set the portal location at your exact location.

  • /sp sr (portalname) can be used to view the exact location of the portal. 

  • /sp delete (portalname) is used to delete a portal. 

  • /sp disable (portalname) allows you to disable portals without the need to delete them.

  • /sp enable (portalname) enables a portal.

  • /sp list simply lists all portals in a specified server.

  • /sp reload allows you to reload the plugin if you modify the config files without the need for a hard restart.

Advanced Usage:

These commands add some cool things to help add cool implementations.

  • /sp addcmd (portalname) (command):(PLAYER/CONSOLE) allows you to add commands that are run when a player enters a portal. If you put nothing, the command is ran by the player by default. The PLAYER portion means the command is run by the player and requires the player to have permissions and CONSOLE is forcing the console to run a command.

  • /sp cmds (portalname) allows you to see a list of commands associated with the portal. 

  • /sp tco (portalname) allows you to toggle command-only mode, which disables the portal but still allows commands to run. 

  • /sp clearcmds (portalname) is the only way to remove commands from a portal and removes all commands from a portal.

  • /sp cmds (portalname) allows you to view all commands associated with a given portal.

  • /sp message (portalname) (message):(Normal, Bar, Title or Subtitle) allows you to add messages when a user enters a portal.
    Normal places the message in the chat;
    Bar sends the message above the hotbar;
    Title sends the message in the middle of the screen in large letters;
    Subtitle sends the message in the middle of the screen in small letters.
    Note that you can only set a total of 4 different messages in an individual portal, one in each of the text-displaying areas.

  • /sp dm (portalname) disables all messages associated with a specified portal.

Permission Nodes: 




  • simpleportals.showregion Allows a user to view portal regions.
  • simpleportals.setlocation Allows a user to set portal locations.
  • simpleportals.info Lets a user view plugin info
  • simpleportals.reload Lets a user reload config files.
  • simpleportals.create  Allows a user to create a portal.
  • simpleportals.delete Lets a user delete a portal.
  • simpleportals.list Allows users to list all portals.
  • simpleportals.selectionmode Lets a user toggle selection mode.
  • simpleportals.portal.(portalname) Lets a user use a portal, use * to allow access to all portals.
  • simpleportals.addcommand Lets a user add a command to portals.
  • simpleportals.clearcommands Allows users to clear portal commands.
  • simpleportals.togglecommandonly Lets users toggle command only mode.
  • simpleportals.viewcommands Grants access to view portal commands.
  • simpleportals.toggle Lets users toggle portals.
  • simpleportals.message Lets users set messages for portals.
  • simpleportals.dm Lets users disable portal messages.
  • simpleportals.fill Lets users use portal filling commands




Require further assistance?:

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our Discord!


📎  Simple Portals Spigot Page

Compiled by the Minehut Staff Team


Edited by bobyjoey12

If you need help or need to talk about something, feel free to message me here on the forums or on discord (bobyjoey12#8984), I'm always more than happy to help if I'm not too busy. 🙂

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