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Mob spawn rate too high




I created a new server to play with my gf, and there are 2 problems:

First, the spawn rate is too high, i play Minecraft since 2012 and since i created this server it's too much, i have tested all modes but it's still too much, even in easy (i finished the game in all modes).


Second, when i found a pillager outpost, pillagers spawn infinitely, i killed them but they always come back, i've never seen this.

at the end they were like 50 around the outpost so i had to go back home.


I don't think that's normal, i've seen other old questions like mine but no one was solved.


Can anyone help?

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Please follow these steps and hopefully they will help you, although I haven't tested it myself, it should work:

File Manager bukkit.yml > Scroll down to 'spawn limit' > Look for 'monsters: 70' > Change '70' to something lower, like '40'.

Hope this helps/works!

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I'm having the same issue. Me and a buddy made a server to play survival and we just made it to the nether. The amount of mobs was absurd. I hope this fix works! I've seen lots of people saying the same thing. I just wasn't sure the number to change it to. Hopefully 40 makes things feel more standard. Thanks for the help!

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