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how to change the world?



hey , i just came here , i want to make a server  for me and my  friends to play on , but i wanna change my world to a map so it can be a bit more fun , i thaught vallina would be boring , so i want to load a world into my server

the real question is here:
how do i load a world into my server? i want to change the world , i just started and i just made my server , so i want to change the world
sorry if this is the wrong section , i just dont know where to put this

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Hi there, this is a small guide on how to upload worlds. Hope this helps you out!

1) First off, make a zip containing all the files inside of the world folder. You can do this by selecting all the files and "archiving" or "zipping" all the files. Please be sure you don't name your world with any spaces.

2) Upload the world zip to a file upload website. If your world is smaller than 100mb you can use file.io, otherwise we recommend you use Dropbox.

3) Get the direct download link to the file. If you're using Dropbox you can get the share link, but you need to replace ?dl=0 with ?dl=1 at the end of the link. If you're using file.io remember that the download links can only be used once.

4) Run the following command in your server:

/ul world <worldname> <direct link>

5) Once the world is uploaded, you can teleport to it using /worlds or /world [world name].


PS: Keep in mind that If you are uploading a world, you need to make sure that the name of the world is unique in your file manager as if there are 2 different worlds with the same name it won't work. Also make sure that the file is not any larger than 500MB as that is the limit Minehut allows on worlds!

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