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minehut dashboard settings don't go into effect




I am starting a new server, but whenever I apply any changes into the minehut dashboard settings and then restart the server, they don't go into effect. For example, I couldn't change the difficulty in the dashboard settings, and instead had to type in /difficulty hard ingame. However, while that solved the difficulty issue, there are other changes that I can't make in the dashboard settings that will apply ingame, such as increasing the render distance from 8 to 10, and denying commands. For example, if I choose to deny command blocks in the dashboard and then restart the server, I can still use command blocks ingame. Is there something I'm doing wrong?


Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, the difficulty setting in the dashboard is currently broken, so only the command works right now. 

You sure you're disabling it, then clicking the Save button then restarting? You could also try enabling command-blocks, restarting, then disabling command-blocks and restarting again to see if that fixes it.

As for the render distance, also make sure you have the render distance options adjusted to your liking client-side. esc > options > video settings.


Hope this helps.

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