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How do I make the world Void



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1 minute ago, OrangeVibing said:

im trying too make a sky mine server but i dont know how too get rid of the ground without world edit cause then players can just fly out of the void area and reach land

One of the easiest ways to generate a void world is to use Multiverse in conjunction with VoidGenerator. These are both plugins you can install in the plugins section of your server dashboard.

Once both are installed you can run the following command to generate a void world with the provided name:

/mv create (world) normal -g VoidGenerator

You can then teleport to this world via the Multiverse teleport command (/mv tp [world]) or the Minehut world command (/world).


For more info on how to use Multiverse, see the following CFAQ:


 - Discord: Brim#0768






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