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Passive mobs don't spawn



So, my friends and I have a creative server that works fine, but no passive mobs will spawn and we cannot figure out what happened. When I spawn them they make noise but don't appear. The server has worldedit, skript, and skbee, however this problem was there before we had skript or skbee. I've checked all over and can't figure out whats wrong.

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Try looking into the minehut dashboard about this issue. You will find more info on there (Edit Server --> Settings --> Scroll down and see the "Animal Spawning" option). If this is not enabled, enable it and restart the server. That should fix it. If it still doesn't work let me know.

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It was off, but it didnt seem to do anything. Spawn eggs and /summon dont work either. Also I forgot a plugin, armor stand editor. 
Then I was trying to download the world to do some tests and realised we had another set of worlds that had spawning on, with animals. I deleted the unused worlds and it fixed it. What do I do to close this?

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