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How to ad Xp you have/Required xp


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Ok so i am working on a mining server but when u mine a block it sends a action bar which says The xp you have/Required xp for levelup how do i do this?

heres the code


on mine of coal ore:
	play sound "ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP" with volume 3 and pitch 5
	clear the drops
	send action bar "&9+2 XP | &b%{xp::%uuid of player%}% &9XP" to player
	set event-block to stone
	give player 1 coal 
	wait 10 seconds
	set event-block to coal ore



I used to play Minehut I guess?
Yeah, I still watch the forums for some reason. (15/5/2023)
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