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edited... it was fixed lol

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4 minutes ago, JayMan146 said:

Can you please fix that?

The zombies spawn on a 0.5% chance of each ore you break. 
Running /shop will allow you to purchase a sword and you will be able to enchant that as you would a pickaxe, but with Looting and Sharpness, which will increase your reward for killing a zombie and make it faster.

Without Looting, Zombies give the same reward as coal, which is $1.

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I now go by the name vitalResource rather than Nookn.

First joined in 2015 under the alias of Nookn.

Primarily known during my time in Minehut from Prohost.gs (oct. 2015) till around 2019 Minehut where I took a longer hiatus until Feb 2021, where I came back and still participating actively in events.

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