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Maptool Errors



I have the plugin ImageOnMap installed for my server. Its been working fine for a month or so now, but today I logged on to see none of my images woking and instead a map of the area I was in. And when I went to make a new map, it said there was an internal error completing the action. Does anybody know how to fix this?


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I have replied to multiple posts about ImageOnMap but here is the summary.

Minehut has removed functionality for a java feature called Reflection. i dont program in java so i cant say i understand it completely but its basically just  used to obtain data. https://www.oracle.com/technical-resources/articles/java/javareflection.html explains Reflection in java, if you're interested.

The developers of ImageOnMap said this:

Minehut, a Minecraft server hosting plateform, disabled a fundamental component of Java programs (including plugins) called reflection. It's rather complicated, but for the idea it's what we use to hook into the Minecraft server itself and do advanced things Spigot/Paper does not allow us to do.

We (and a lot of other plugins) use this feature a lot. For advanced items management (think about the special maps ImageOnMap gives), some GUIs (this sign GUI to rename a map), translations (so everyone can use IoM in its own language, even on the same server), etc. It would be a huge task (like really huge) to rewrite ImageOnMap without that.

That's why multiple plugins suddenly broke on April 2021. Reflection is widely used. That's not only ImageOnMap. Some popular plugins like WorldEdit or WorldGuard massively use reflection too. They are probably broken too.

Minehut announced this is fixed so you may only have to reboot your server. If it's not working, they are working on a fork to fix that on their side.

There is nothing we can do about that. To complain, please contact the Minehut staff. Feel free to link to this FAQ entry or to ask them to contact us directly.

Source: [https://dev.zcraft.fr/imageonmap/faq/#i-m-using-minehut-and-imageonmap-doesn-t-work]

Basically, minehut is attempting to rewrite their own version of imageonmap,  according to the developers of ImageOnMap

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