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Finding GUI Slot In Function


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		format slot 14 of player with anvil named "&8&lSmithing Tool" with lore "&a", "&7Put a item in the empty slot", "&7and click the anvil.", "&a", "&7This will add a bonus to your", "&7selected item." , "&a" and "&c&lWARNING: IRREVERSIBLE" to run [SmithTest(player)]

function SmithTest(p: player):
	set {_u} to uuid of {_p}
	set {_Item} to slot 12 of {_p}
	if {_item} is not air:
		give {_p} {_item}
		send "&cWrong slot :/" to {_p}

Im having a problem finding the right slot during a function while a GUI is open. the first line is when a player right clicks an NPC named "Black  Smith". They are supposed to put in an item. To test i want to click slot 14 o fthe GUI to run the function, and find the slot (12) in the gui and give them the item. But I don't think it searches the GUI, instead it searches my inventory. pls help ive struggled for days.




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