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Help me my worldedit doesnt work!



I run an smp with my friends and I have had worldedit on it for a while now. Today I installed a plugin called LandLords2 and then uninstalled it and now my worldedit doesn't work! When I type /pl , WorldEdit comes up red. I have looked in the logs and it says it might be out of date, but worldedit works on my other server. Please help me.
I have already tried reinstalling and resetting the server countless times (this includes stopping, resetting the config, deleteing the config and reistalling etc.).

Here is:
-The screenshot of the plugins when I do /pl
-The worldedit config
-The log


[02:51:23] [Server thread/INFO]: [WorldEdit] Disabling WorldEdit v7.3.0-SNAPSHOT+5716-9a5ef70
[02:51:23] [Server thread/ERROR]: Error occurred while disabling WorldEdit v7.3.0-SNAPSHOT+5716-9a5ef70 (Is it up to date?)

The config

# WorldEdit's Configuration File
# About editing this file:
# - DO NOT USE TABS. You MUST use spaces or Bukkit will complain and post
#   errors. If you use an editor, like Notepad++ (recommended for Windows
#   users), you must configure it to "replace tabs with spaces."
#   This can be changed in Settings > Preferences > Language Menu.
# - Don't get rid of indentations. They are indented so some entries that are
#   in categories, like "max-blocks-changed", are placed in the "limits"
#   category.
# - If you want to check the format of this file before putting it
#   into WorldEdit, paste it into http://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/
#   and see if it gives you "ERROR:".
# - Lines starting with # are comments, so they are ignored.
# - If you want to allow blocks, make sure to change "disallowed-blocks" to []

        default: -1
        maximum: -1
        default: 256
        default: -1
        maximum: 20
    max-radius: -1
    max-super-pickaxe-size: 5
    max-brush-radius: 5
        default: -1
        maximum: -1
    - "minecraft:oak_sapling"
    - "minecraft:jungle_sapling"
    - "minecraft:dark_oak_sapling"
    - "minecraft:spruce_sapling"
    - "minecraft:birch_sapling"
    - "minecraft:acacia_sapling"
    - "minecraft:black_bed"
    - "minecraft:blue_bed"
    - "minecraft:brown_bed"
    - "minecraft:cyan_bed"
    - "minecraft:gray_bed"
    - "minecraft:green_bed"
    - "minecraft:light_blue_bed"
    - "minecraft:light_gray_bed"
    - "minecraft:lime_bed"
    - "minecraft:magenta_bed"
    - "minecraft:orange_bed"
    - "minecraft:pink_bed"
    - "minecraft:purple_bed"
    - "minecraft:red_bed"
    - "minecraft:white_bed"
    - "minecraft:yellow_bed"
    - "minecraft:powered_rail"
    - "minecraft:detector_rail"
    - "minecraft:grass"
    - "minecraft:dead_bush"
    - "minecraft:moving_piston"
    - "minecraft:piston_head"
    - "minecraft:sunflower"
    - "minecraft:rose_bush"
    - "minecraft:dandelion"
    - "minecraft:poppy"
    - "minecraft:brown_mushroom"
    - "minecraft:red_mushroom"
    - "minecraft:tnt"
    - "minecraft:torch"
    - "minecraft:fire"
    - "minecraft:redstone_wire"
    - "minecraft:wheat"
    - "minecraft:potatoes"
    - "minecraft:carrots"
    - "minecraft:melon_stem"
    - "minecraft:pumpkin_stem"
    - "minecraft:beetroots"
    - "minecraft:rail"
    - "minecraft:lever"
    - "minecraft:redstone_torch"
    - "minecraft:redstone_wall_torch"
    - "minecraft:repeater"
    - "minecraft:comparator"
    - "minecraft:stone_button"
    - "minecraft:birch_button"
    - "minecraft:acacia_button"
    - "minecraft:dark_oak_button"
    - "minecraft:jungle_button"
    - "minecraft:oak_button"
    - "minecraft:spruce_button"
    - "minecraft:cactus"
    - "minecraft:sugar_cane"
    - "minecraft:bedrock"

    enable: false
    allow-override: true
    creative-mode-overrides: false

    log-commands: false
    file: worldedit.log
    # The format of custom log message. This is java general format string (java.util.Formatter). Arguments are:
    #   1$ : date - a Date object representing event time of the log record.
    #   2$ : source - a string representing the caller, if available; otherwise, the logger's name.
    #   3$ : logger - the logger's name.
    #   4$ : level - the log level.
    #   5$ : message - the formatted log message returned from the Formatter.formatMessage(LogRecord) method. It uses java.text formatting and does not use the java.util.Formatter format argument.
    #   6$ : thrown - a string representing the throwable associated with the log record and its backtrace beginning with a newline character, if any; otherwise, an empty string.
    # For details see:
    #   https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/util/Formatter.html
    #   https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/util/logging/SimpleFormatter.html#format-java.util.logging.LogRecord-
    format: "[%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS %4$s]: %5$s%6$s%n"

    drop-items: true
    many-drop-items: false


    item: minecraft:compass
    max-distance: 100

    timeout: 3000
    dir: craftscripts

    dir: schematics

    allow-symbolic-links: false

    size: 15
    expiration: 10

    timeout: 100

    trace-unflushed-sessions: false

wand-item: minecraft:wooden_axe
no-op-permissions: false
debug: false
show-help-on-first-use: true
server-side-cui: true
command-block-support: false


Thanks for the help 🙂



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Minehut has removed a java feature called Reflection. You may notice other plugins not working, as most plugins rely on it, for example ImageOnMap. You'll probably need to wait until they [hopefully] add it back. 

If you're into programming and all, this java article shows what Reflection is: https://www.oracle.com/technical-resources/articles/java/javareflection.html

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