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New server I'm making. Would you like to play it?


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Hey! I'm currently making a new server that has no name yet so I'm wondering what to name it & if you would like to help dev it & if you would play it!

I have a short vid showing the TLDR part. A battery makes the machines run + higher tier batteries give more max fuel. Higher tier machines will give better stuff to sell. There will also be different fuels from Fuel - Wikipedia. I need suggestions on what to add + if you would like to help. If you do want to help then please tell me your discord name & we will go from there. Also tell me if you would play it too. I need a name for the server also! If you have any questions then MSG me on discord. newgoldendoge#3099 Thanks!
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Amazing, in the future if this turns out to be fancy and relaxing to play, I'll consider spending my time on it, also name suggestion, here you go: Machined, Fuelied, Fueled and Fuelable


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