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Server Update - 29th March


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Insisting Changelog


With the upcoming release of Insisting there have been numerous additions to the game, some include the main core updates whilst others include some feature additions.

What's new?

  • New tablist, chat functions and gameplay implementations (mining rewards, etc)
  • Custom commands created for daily usage (/help, /spawn, /shop, /baltop, /balance, /discord, /club, etc)
  • Core ranks implemented (Default, Donator, Support, Moderator, Senior Moderator, Administrator & Developer)
  • Combative scenarios introduced for players to engage with others and PvE situations
  • Several hidden entities added for rewards to long-lasting players
  • Custom punishment commands
  • Custom items & craftables
  • Implementation of events
  • Statistics and server information implemented


What can we expect?

Although all of this will not be implemented during the initial release date, you can expect it in the future.

  • Auction off your items, currency and crates in rewards for in-game money
  • Entering a random zone a random amount of times may reward you with a random amount of money dependant on zone difficulty if you find the secret block that will spawn
  • Donator perks may include rideable pets, custom items, "weapons (firework launchers, pig launcher, etc)", commands and a special bonus to each sale, on us
  • Gradual integration of more maps in expectance of higher demand
  • Quests to partake in and gain more experience points to level up your items, your character or your abilities
  • Custom blocks that will give you more advanced rewards
  • Plot-based system to show off your items, building skills or buy a mine-plot customised to what level you decide upon purchasing
  • Minigames within the server to keep players entertained (as if they wouldn't be already)
  • Staff application releases
  • Progression rewards for the long-term players to spend their time on something worth-while.
  • Ability to host high-reward quests, events and mining-sprees (yes, we have them) when you buy two or more things from our store, or something expensive from the in-game store.
  • SPECIAL POWERS!!!!!!! Summon miners, pets and tornadoes to lift yourself & other players around the map!



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Insisting Discord » https://discord.gg/64dJQmnBW9


I now go by the name vitalResource rather than Nookn.

First joined in 2015 under the alias of Nookn.

Primarily known during my time in Minehut from Prohost.gs (oct. 2015) till around 2019 Minehut where I took a longer hiatus until Feb 2021, where I came back and still participating actively in events.

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