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Jr. Mod Application


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                                                                                           ≎ Jr. Mod Application ≎


                                                                                                  ≎ Username≎

                                                                                ¹ zWex   (🇳‌🇮‌🇨‌🇰‌🇪‌🇩‌ 🇦‌🇸‌ 🇮‌🇹‌🇨‌🇭‌🇾‌)


                                                                                                      ≎ Discord ≎

                                                                                   ² Itchy#6308


                                                                                                     ≎ Timezone ≎           

                                                        ³ UTC +2 CEST Central European Summer Time (🇳‌🇴‌🇷‌🇼‌🇦‌🇾‌)

                                                                                                 ≎ Playtime And Age ≎
                                                                ⁴ Current playtime ⋈ 1 Day and 2.74 Hours

                                                                                      Age ⋈ 14 Years old


                                                                                                     ≎ Current Ranks≎

                                                                                                 ⁵ My current rank is Pro


                                                                                     ≎ Why Should I Become A Moderator? ≎ 

⁶  My reasoning for wanting to becoming a moderator is because i enjoy playing on the server and loves the community. I think that making me a moderator would make the server even more safe and a even better community. The reasons why i belive this is because I know the rules and the game. Im a active player in chat and belive the other play in the community like me. I have alot of ideas in mind and ready to make the server EVEN better then it already is.


                                                                      ≎ What Experince Do You Have As A Moderator 

⁷ For my time playing minecraft i've been staff on over 80+ server. The servers i've been staff on was a hosting server, pretty much like Minehut but a bit smaller. The name of this server is "CubedCraft", it was my friend who showed me it, and that was where it started. I became staff on pretty much all of the server. The few years I played on these servers I strengthened a lot skills in developing and moderating. Then last summer I became staff on a "real" server, I started of as a Trail-Builder and a few months later I got promoted to Head-Admin. This server had about 20-35 players playing every day. After the server lost alot of players because of lag and other reasons, the server shut down. After that i stopped playing minecraft and began to play CSGO and other games. Then a few weeks ago I made my return to minecraft again. 


                                                                    ≎ Have I ever Hacked Or Griefed On Any Server?≎

⁸ Once a time I hacked on a few small server with my friends just because we were bored and didn't have much to do.  I have never griefed on any server, I think the reasoning for this is because im loyal to the server i play on.


                                                                                                               ≎ Other ≎

                                                              ⁹ Do I have a working microphone? Yes I do

                                               Am I able to talking english in a voice chat? Yes I am

                                            How long can I play for? About 4- 12 hour a day (may vary due to school)


                                                                                            ≎ Situational Questions 


What would you do if you thought somebody was using criticals while in pvp, but couldn't tell for sure?

Answer: If i couldn't tell for sure I would wait and see and ask people who fighted him what they think. If it turned out they were hacking i would ban them for 10 days.


What would you do if you saw somebody flying or using speed hacks? 

Answer: If I saw someone fly or speedhacking I would've thinked that they don't want to play on the server and permbanned them for 10 days.


What would you do if someone was botting the server?

Answer: First I would've contacted more staff that could help me locate and ban player who is doing this.


What would you do if someone starts spamming personal information in chat?

Answer: My reaction to this would vary, if this is very critical information I would ban them for life time and cleared the chat. If the infermation isn't as critical I would've given them a mute for 24 hours but still clear the chat.


What would you do if someone says something racist or homophobic in chat?

Answer: I would've muted the person for 24 hours and cleared the chat.


What would you do if somebody was threatening to hack the server?

Answer: First I would given the player a 2 days ban and followed the situasion. My reasoning for only giving a 2 days ban is because I dont find it to critical since most of these threats a fake and just to scare people.


How would you handle a situation where you are the only staff online and there's someone asking a question, someone else spamming chat, and matrix (anticheat) is going off?

Answer: At first I would've muted the player(s) who is spamming and after that I would check out the anticheat detection and at last i would've answered the question.


Signed by Itchy/zWex

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