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Insisting Rules & Information


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Insisting Rules & Information

It is pivotal that you follow these rules at all times in our discord server (found here) and in our server (Insisting.minehut.gg)

Discord Rules

Toxicity, spamming and derogatory behaviour will not be condoned and will result in punishment.

Raiding or marketplace abuse will result in a mute longer than 24 hours.

Your nickname is not allowed to include any derogatory text or be considered inappropriate.

Hoisting yourself in the server list is not allowed and will result in a removal of your nickname.

If your microphone creates loud/annoying noises you will be muted.

Ghost mentioning users, advertising your servers in DMs or in the main discord will result in a ban.

Discord's ToS must be followed at all times (https://discord.com/new/terms)

Game Rules

Exploiting will result in a permanent ban.

Toxicity and derogatory behaviour will not be condoned and will result in a permanent mute unless stated otherwise.

Spamming will result in a 48 hour mute.

Using glitches to your advantage will result in a temporary ban.

"Rank-begging" or anything of the similar will result in a 12 hour mute.

Trading is allowed, but you are at liberty of your items being stolen; if it is stolen, we cannot help you unless it is your starter pickaxe.



Insisting is a recreation of an old mining server I owned named Earnings, which was successful in 2019 before I shut it down and left Minecraft. We do not condone any recreations of this server and will not allow our items to be redistributed.

The server has multiple stages which you move through and progress further through the game, attempting to become the richest player in the server and being the strongest when it comes to quests, combat and boss fights. There will be extra things you can do in this server which won't be labelled here; so you will have to join and see for yourself.

Staff are hand-picked through activity, maturity and skill within their selected subject, whether it be support or administrative purposes. We have a four-rank system, which is SupportModeratorSenior Moderator and Administrator. The Developer rank will not be able to be achieved unless you are selected by either myself or muelr.

Donations are being introduced, where you will be able to gain perks and support the uptime of the server. Currently the perks are limited, but will be progressively updated to ensure you get what you pay for, whether it be the suffix or a ride-able entity such as a pig. Donators will not be ignored and will also have their own rank in-game and in the discord server.

Updates will be documented in our discord server in the updates channel, where we will specify what has been changed, fixed or added.

Events can be hosted by our staff, whether it be gradual implementations of a larger zone to combat in, items being given, members being given ranks (only administrators can rank users) or something of the sort. Events will not be a regular occurrence but they will be enjoyable when they do appear for the player base to partake in.


Every milestone we reach with unique joins, we will do a special event, whether it be a giveaway or a large update, and every 1000 unique joins there will be a large update impacting the game massively and a possible boss attack on a zone for players to team up and take down.

If you are interested in building then you can contact will.#6333 with a portfolio of your work, and you will be able to work alongside our developers with building and creating new arenas and new maps.

Edited by vitalResource

Insisting Discord » https://discord.gg/64dJQmnBW9


I now go by the name vitalResource rather than Nookn.

First joined in 2015 under the alias of Nookn.

Primarily known during my time in Minehut from Prohost.gs (oct. 2015) till around 2019 Minehut where I took a longer hiatus until Feb 2021, where I came back and still participating actively in events.

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