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Can Someone PLS help me fix this long skript


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can someone pls reply to me on hwo to fix this or fix it for me?

also... i made this information book with minecraft.tools and i pasted the command in the skript, and id been googling on how to make a skript to give a player a specified book without doing all the coding,

its really confusing  for me, really, so... id there a way that i can use my command to paste it somewhere and it comes out usable for skript pls let me know . final also; how do you teleport between world using skript and multiverse


command /information:
    description: Gives you the information book
    cooldown: 10 seconds
    cooldown message:You can only use this command every 10 seconds
    give player 1 written_book{pages:['["",{"text":"--------------------","color":"aqua"},{"text":"\\n \\u0020 \\u0020 \\u0020 \\u0020 RULES\\n","color":"reset"},{"text":"--------------------","color":"aqua"},{"text":"\\n1.No Griefing Other Players\\n2.Don\'t Grief Lobby (here)\\n3.No Breaking Portals\\n4.No Stealing From Others\\n5.Don\'t Say Anything Toxic Or Rude In Chat\\n6. Don\'t BUILD Anything Inappropriate On Build Worlds","color":"reset"}]','["",{"text":" 7.Do Not Spam In Chat\\n \\u0020 \\n \\u0020 \\u0020"},{"text":"Any Missbehaves From Anyone\\n \\u0020 \\u0020 \\u0020 \\u0020Banned From The Server","color":"dark_red"}]','["",{"text":"_____________________","bold":true,"color":"dark_green"},{"text":"\\n        ","color":"reset","bold":true},{"text":" Social","bold":true,"color":"#2CBD75"},{"text":"\\n","color":"reset","bold":true},{"text":"_____________________","bold":true,"color":"dark_green"},{"text":"\\n\\n","color":"reset","bold":true},{"text":"Discord","bold":true,"color":"blue","clickEvent":{"action":"open_url","value":"https://discord.com/channels/773195195054817281/773195195734163508"}},{"text":"\\n\\n","color":"reset","bold":true},{"text":"Mikel Youtube","bold":true,"color":"#712222","clickEvent":{"action":"open_url","value":"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWxCJSYpFdLtpsRMnV6OHbQ"}},{"text":"\\n\\n","bold":true,"color":"#712222"},{"text":"Mikel & Bruno Youtube","bold":true,"color":"#712222","clickEvent":{"action":"open_url","value":"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV_ErF6miyM1UssFOpmLnkg"}},{"text":"\\n\\n","bold":true,"color":"#712222"},{"text":"The Best Of Mikel Youtube","bold":true,"color":"#712222","clickEvent":{"action":"open_url","value":"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTmbVKbTtmQ2Evo2wa8V1HQ"}}]','{"text":" \\u0020 \\u0020 \\u0020 Commands\\n\\n/spawn\\n\\n/information\\n\\n/info\\n\\n/build\\n\\n/survival\\n\\n/mikeltown","bold":true,"color":"#12B9A2"}','{"text":"/sethome\\n\\n/home\\n\\n/whisper\\n\\n/whisp\\n\\n/rules\\n\\n/rule1","bold":true,"color":"#12B9A2"}','["",{"text":"\\n"},{"text":"/rule2","bold":true,"color":"#12B9A2"},{"text":"\\n\\n","color":"reset"},{"text":"/rule3","bold":true,"color":"#12B9A2"},{"text":"\\n\\n","color":"reset"},{"text":"/rule4","bold":true,"color":"#12B9A2"},{"text":"\\n\\n","color":"reset"},{"text":"/rule5\\n\\n/rule6\\n\\n/rule7","bold":true,"color":"#12B9A2"},{"text":"\\n\\n ","color":"reset"}]'],title:INFO,author:Mikel}

command /rules:
    description: shows you the rules
    send "1.No Griefing Other Players
2.Don't Grief Lobby (here)
3.No Breaking Portals
4.No Stealing From Others
5.Don't Say Anything Toxic Or Rude In Chat
6. Don't BUILD Anything Inappropriate On Build Worlds
7.Do Not Spam In Chat
    Any Missbehaves From Anyone
        Banned From The Server"

    command /rule1
    description: Shows you rule1
    send "No Griefing Other Players"

    command /rule2
    description: Shows you rule2
    send "Don't Grief Lobby (here)"

    command /rule3
    description: Shows you rule3
    send "No Breaking Portals"

    command /rule4
    description: Shows you rule4
    send "No Stealing From Others"

    command /rule5
    description: Shows you rule5
    send "Don't Say Anything Toxic Or Rude In Chat"

    command /rule6
    description: Shows you rule6
    send "Don't BUILD Anything Inappropriate On Build Worlds"

    command /rule7
    description: Shows you rule1
    send "Do Not Spam In Chat"

    command /ruleconsequence
    description: Shows you rule1
    send "Any Missbehaves From Anyone will automaticlly Banned From The Server"

command /sethome:
    description: Sets your home
    set {home.%uuid of player%} to location of block of location of player
    send "set home to: %{home.%uuid of player%}%" to player
command /home:
    description: Teleports you to your home
    teleport player to {home.%uuid of player%}
    send "Teleporting to home!:D"

command /setspawn:
    description: Sets spawn
    permission: op
    set {spawn} to location of block of location of player
    send "set spawn to: %{spawn}%" to player
command /spawn:
    description: Teleports you to spawn
    teleport player to {spawn}
    send "Teleporting to spawn :D"

command /whisper <player> <text>:
    description: Sends a private message to the specified player
    aliases: /whisp
    usage: /whisper <player> <text>
    send "8&%player% &7whispers to you:&r %arg-2%" to arg-1
    send "&aWhispered to &6%arg-1%:&r %arg-2%"

command /survival:
    description: Teleports you to Survival World
    teleport %player% to %SMP%
    send "Teleporting to survival world!"

command /build:
    description: Teleports you to Build World
    teleport %player% to %build%
    send "Teleporting to Build World!"

command /town
    description: Teleports you to MikelVille
    teleport %player% to %mikeltown%



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