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Jr.Mod Application


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Username : oYoon_

Discord name and ID (Miz.#0001)

Timezone : (EST)

Age : 14 almost 15 years old

Playtime : 14 hours

I've never really had the chance to gain experience as a moderator simply because the server I was thinking about applying weren't worth my time but I do have some experience on discord servers. I want to be a moderator on Composter because I really wanna know what being a moderator for a decently big server is like and it would allow me to get experience.  I think you should choose me because I am a very active player and willing to spend a lot of time on Composter and I am not toxic. Yes I have hacked once to test how hacking feels like, on hypixel long time ago. I am a person that likes to have interaction with people, mostly in text. I am french so my english speaking isn't great.                                                

                                                                                                     Situational Questions

If I thought somebody was using criticals while in pvp but I couldn't tell for sure I would look at their inventory to see if they have any custom enchant on their weapon that causes critical hits and if they don't I would observe the certain person a bit more and if I have enough evidance I would tempban them if I'm the only mod online or I would call an moderator with an higher class than me.

If I saw somebody flying or using speedhacks I would look at their inventory to see if they have any item that gives speed. If I saw someone using fly I would tempban them for cheating.

If I saw someone was botting the server I would call for help from other moderators to help me mute/ban the bots while another moderator with more knowlege tries to find the source of the problem and maybe mute the chat.

If someone starts spamming personal information in chat I would warn them once and if they do it again I would mute them.

If someone says something racist or homophobic in chat I warn them  and tell them to not say that kind of things again and if they say something similar after I would mute them.

If somebody was threatening to hack the server I would try to speak with them to try to calm the person and ask him why does he wants to do it while another moderator makes sure he is a threat and not trying to get the threath more angry. 

If I was the only moderator online and there was somebody asking a question I would answer them with the best of my knowledge.

If someone was spamming chat I would warn them twice and then I would mute them if they dont stop.

If matrix (anticheat) is going off I would look at the reason and if it is someone hacking I would teleport myself to them and if they are cheating I would tempban them.

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