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Jr.mod application


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1 Day 1hour


i have already been moderator on some server.

to help the server to be at its best and help the player if there is any probleme.

because i could be online more than 5 hours a day and im not toxic.

yes but i stop because i noticed thats is bad.

yes once for hack.

im french and my hobbies is gaming.


Situational Question:

i would inquire and i would measure myself in vanish to see if he really cheats.

i would speak with him without accusation and if he has no valid reason i would ban him.

i will try to see if i can do something to help protect the server.

i'm going to talk to him in personal message and try to tell him to stop, if he doesn't stop i'm going to mute him.

i'm going to tell him that whoever say can upset a person, and if he continue im going to mute him.

i'm going to speak with him to ask him why he would do this while trying to confirm that he has no reason to do this.

i will try to see if i can speak with another staff on the discord if no one answer i will try to solve the probleme by myself.










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