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Junior Mod Application


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Minecraft Username: BaileyonTop
Discord Name and ID (ex: Sh0ot#3984): Discord: Bailey#7585 (Open Mouth Pikachu Profile Picture)
Timezone (ex: PST): ACDT (Australian Central Daylight Time) 
Age: 15
Playtime: Roughly 6 hours as of typing this application

What experience do you have as a moderator? I have been moderator on a different Generator server named Spacegen, where when it was at it's highest players, I was playing over 6 hours per day as I was free and most of the other staff had work to deal with. I was on my own and was banning 3-6 people per day and muting even more. I had to do that for a while and I will not give anyone any sort of special treatment.

Why do you want to be a moderator on Composter? I want to be a moderator in Composter because I wish to become staff in a server that is a gen server, I have not yet been staff in a gen server. I want to become a moderator in Composter because I want to help others and I want to assist people with questions and problems that there is. I'd also love to see Composter expand and become bigger and bigger, I am ready to help everyone.

What sets you apart from other applications? Why should we choose you? I have a lot of experience on Minehut servers and have actually owned/staffed on a different generator server named Spacegen. It got pretty high in terms of players and now I'm not sure what happened to it. I can answer multiple questions at a time and can do whatever is needed! 

Have you ever hacked before? (Will not affect your chance) No I have never hacked before, I do not see the point in it. It is a really trash can thing to do.

Have you been banned on any servers? If so, for what reason? I was banned before on a different Minehut server (CORE SB) because one of the owners on there was griefing a Gen server that I was moderator on so I banned him and he got mad and banned me for 10 days. It was completely uncalled for but it is whatever haha. 

Anything else we should know? (personality, hobbies, etc.) I'm not really that interesting haha. I have a basic understanding of Skript. I'm not the best at it but I am a quick learner! I try my best to help people as much as possible, and I am very good at multi-tasking and can take on multiple problems/questions at once.

Situational Questions

What would you do if you thought somebody was using criticals while in PvP, but couldn't tell for sure? I would instantly inform the  staff and keep an eye on them, if I am positive that they are using criticals in PvP I will inform the staff again that they are using criticals. And continue to watch them and make sure that they do not do anything else and if they do I will report it. If by then I am promoted I would make sure that they are using criticals and then ban or punish them accordingly. (Still notifying a staff member whether I have perms or not).

What would you do if you saw somebody flying or using speed hacks? I would inform higher ranking staff of what they are doing and try to get evidence (screenshots or videos) to make sure no mistakes are made. And I would follow them around to make sure they do not do anything worse because if it breaks something it would need to be fixed, if they were to do something I would again message a staff member. If however I had been promoted by that point I would get solid proof and then punish them accordingly. (Still notifying a staff member whether I have perms or not).

What would you do if someone was botting the server? If somebody is botting the server I would immediately notify a staff member higher ranking than me and clear/mute the chat if I have the perms. Get a screenshot to make sure and attempt to stop it while another staff member punishes them accordingly. If however I have the correct permissions, I would clear the chat and immediately punish them accordingly.

What would you do if someone starts spamming personal information in chat? I would clear the chat and notify a staff member higher ranking than me and they can punish accordingly. If however I have the permissions I would punish them accordingly.

What would you do if someone says something racist or homophobic in chat? Depending on the words said, I would punish them accordingly and notify the other staff members, and get their opinions to make sure (if they are responding quickly.

What would you do if somebody was threatening to hack the server? Instantly notify the owner and every single staff member available, make sure to see if I can stall them, and depending on the knowledge and words said in their messages, report back to staff. If I were to have the permissions required I would analyze their words and what they are saying and deal with them accordingly.

How would you handle a situation where you are the only staff online and there's someone asking a question, someone else spamming chat, and matrix (anticheat) is going off? I instantly would deal with the spam is nobody can use the chat unless that is dealt with, so deal with the spammer accordingly, then notify the person asking the question that I quickly need to deal with something. After I have notified them I will instantly deal with the matrix alerts as careful and efficient as possible, and once I'm done I will assist the person asking the question if none of the general players have done so already. 


Thankyou for taking the time to read my application

Sincerely, Bailey.

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