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Jr.Mod Application

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General Questions

  • Minecraft Username:Illusioner_
  • Discord Name and ID (ex: Sh0ot#3984):Illusioner_XD#3445
  • Timezone (ex: PST): GMT+2
  • Age:19
  • Playtime:1d and 15.68h

What experience do you have as a moderator? I was staff on a lot of servers like: BoxRPG,HerringRPG,BoxFish,AltSkyMine,GravelMine and more but i really dont remember them rn, and i got 2 servers to, but they are down rn becuase of the low credits...

Why do you want to be a moderator on Composter? I really like the server, is really fun but there are some players that are not respecting the rules. It was good yesterday because a staff players was online because i was about to lose 1d grind items because of a hacker.

What sets you apart from other applications? Why should we choose you? To be honest im a friendly person and i have a lot of free time. I like to help new player and i really want to get back  in a staff team. To help them fighting against rule breakers

Have you every hacked before? (will not affect your chance) Yes, almost every player hacked in the past. I didnt hack on this server if this is the question but i hacked on some.

Have you been banned on any servers? If so, for what reason? For hacking, but no like killaura or fly, i got banned because i was on hacked client. I was on hacked client because i was using keybinds( in that moment idk that there is autotext on badlion, from that moment im playing only on badlion)

Anything else we should know? (personality, hobbies, etc). Rn im in university,first year, my first language is not english but im still learning it, there are thing i still dont know but i still can talk and understand like 90% of it. Im a friendly person and is kinda hard to make me angry, i dont like to swear or thing like that. I understand that you go nowhere if you say something bad to someone else, just make the situation worst, is better if you let him talk and end the converstation. I really dont have many hobbies other than going for walks in new places every day. Thats all.


Situational Questions

What would you do if you thought somebody was using criticals while in pvp, but couldn't tell for sure? Im gona watch him for a wile and start recording so in the situation that he was really hacking i can have proof and can ban him.

What would you do if you saw somebody flying or using speed hacks?  Im gona ban him after i get some proof of him hacking so i can show other staff if they are gona ask why i banned him

What would you do if someone was botting the server? Im gona try to banip the bots and try to contact a higher staff so he can help me with the situation

What would you do if someone starts spamming personal information in chat? Im gona clear chat and warn him to stop, if hes not gona stop im gona mute him

What would you do if someone says something racist or homophobic in chat? Im gona mute him and clear chat so no one can see the chat anymore

What would you do if somebody was threatening to hack the server? Im gona warn him to dont do that because hes gona risk a ban and thats not a good thing

How would you handle a situation where you are the only staff online and there's someone asking a question, someone else spamming chat, and matrix (anticheat) is going off? Im gona start with the most important thing, mute the spammer and clear the chat, then checking the hacker and in the same time trying to respond to the question i got asked. I dont know how hard is gona be but i think i can deal with it.

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9 hours ago, Mr_pro68YT said:

Good application but you could of used a bit more detail on some of the questions, other than that, no complaints



I mean, the amount of times they used rn is a little irritating as that wouldn't be very helpful when announcing major things for the server!


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