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Minecraft Username: Creeper_091

Discord Name and ID: Creeper_091#3998

Time zone: GMT

Age: 13

Playtime: i played lavas acids and now composter have a lot of playtime on them

I have experience as Admin couple servers and making them i do have experience with hackers since it was a problem with our servers

Am Probably gonna play the server a lot so wanna help it out too 

I dont really care if you chose me or the other people if they have more experience you should probably pick them

I have not hacked before but I do know a lot about them

I dont think there is anything important you should know about me


I would observe them in vanish or gmsp depends on how you guys do it

if i saw somebody using fly or speed hacks i would ban them for that reason 3 day ban from what i seen

to be honest am not sure what to do in that position but i would ask another staff/admin member for help

i would clear chat and temp mute the person

I would temp mute the person for being racist or being homophobic 

i would tell the admin or you about it and just ignore them

i would tell the person asking a question to wait a minute and temp mute the person spamming and observe the guy that is making matrix go off




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