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How do I make a tuske/skript gui


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so lately i've been making a tuske skript and like i want to make it like the hypixel game menu where you have an icon for the game and when you click on it it takes you to a certain coords (im not doing worlds yet just for now the same world) can some1 help me? here is what i have so far: 

command /menu:
    open virtual chest with size 3 named "Menu" to player
    format gui slot 0 of player with compass named "Hub"
   format gui slot 2 of player with gold block named "Parkour"
    format gui slot 3 of player with grass block named "Skyblock"
    format gui slot 4 of player with iron sword named "Duels"
    format gui slot 5 of player with crafting table named "Factions"
    format gui slot 6 of player with dark oak door named "Hangout"
    format gui slot 9 of player with redstone block named "Beta Hub"
    format gui slot 7 of player with oak sign named "Coming Soon"

thanks, lethality


Hi! I'm a server owner. (ip is nebulaz.ddns.net) 

I do stuff. Do you?

Ig if you want join this discord: https://discord.gg/rV9h3n7973


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Add "to run:" at the end of a format to run something on click. 


format gui slot 3 of player with grass block named "Skyblock" to run:
	teleport player to location at 184, 94, 50

Note: vanilla guis are better.

Discord: Juffix#4773

Minecraft UsernameJuffix

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