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Hello, Im looking for a xp lvl rankup script


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oory for asking agen but i wuld like to hawe a help about rankups i use luckperms and i need it so when player reaches xp lvl 10 he gets Iron rank so whit all my ranks i can later modify it just put some random numbers and let me know if u did it.
Thanks 😄

BTW here are all the ranks:
Stone = defolt 

i rly dont think this is a long script i just dont know what words to use to make it and ive tryed multiple times even tho in head it seems simple.
id u need comand for rankuping player in my server is /lp user %player% parent set <rank>

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To make a Skript that provides players with ranks, you can use the following events, expressions, and effects!




If you need the Skript made for you, please ask in the Marketplace section of the forums.

If you have any further questions with making this Skript, or learning Skript in general, feel free to post further questions in this thread or ask in the #skript channel in the Minehut Discord!

 - Discord: Brim#0768






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