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i need a skript When you right click a paper it give you a pex permission


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I want a skript that when you right click it. It gives a pex permission please leave the permission blank

i need the paper to be called &a&lPlot Access and and if you can add a lore make it &5&lRight-Click

Thank you❤️

Plot Access


Right-Click To Gain Access To Your Own Plot

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on right click:
	player's held item's name contains "&a&lPlot Access" #case sensitive
	execute player command "/pex user %player% add perm.blank" with permission "*"

command /givepaper:
		give 1 piece of paper named "&a&lPlot Access" with lore "&5&lRight-Click" to player

Let me know if this works. Hasn't been tested but it really should work.

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