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My server won't go out of "Hibernating"



Yesterday it would be stuck on "Starting" and then after a few minutes would be stuck on "Stopping" then go offline. I tried force-hibernating it and reverting it to an older backup but it didn't work. Now it won't even go out of hibernating. It will go to the 30 second countdown thing but when I click continue, nothing changes, I'm put back at the dashboard and it is still in hibernation.

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Hey there Minehut has been having server starting issues so this is why your server is not starting. You may join our discord (discord.gg/minehut) to stay updated on the situation. Sorry for any inconvenience

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edit: minehut is having issues with every server. give it like 30 minutes or check their discord for updates when it's fixed. if not then you can follow what i said below.


it's almost always user error. whatever you did to make this happen, revert that change. for example you may have edited something in your bukkit.yml file and messed up the spacing or whatever and now it won't start. if you don't remember what you did to cause this issue, try to start up your server and check your latest logs. your logs will show you any errors your server is having. if you don't know how to find them then it's likely you don't know how to understand them so just send them in the comments of your thread using pastebin or something. to find them go to your dashboard, click the server you're having issues with, go to file manager, logs, latest logs.

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