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Selling DawnGN.


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I am selling my server, DawnGN. I'm selling it because I fully lost motivation to work on it and I wanna focus more on my mental health, And current ownership is wack. I would like it for someone to revive the server, As I spent weeks developing it.


  • Generators Server | DawnGN


  • Includes
  • All 44 of the Skripts that is in use on DawnGN.
  • The custom coded discord bot in DiscordJS.
  • Ownership of the discord server (320+ members current).


  • Statistics
  • Averaged around 25-65 players each season.
  • Over $450 USD in donations.
  • Over 4,700 unique joins in just over 2 weeks.


If you are interested, Please message me on discord! Madelyn#4339

✘ Some stuff about me ✘

I'm 13 and my pronouns are She/Her 🙂

I first joined Minehut @ December 11 2019.

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