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Looking for Managers/Developers/Builders


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Hello! I currently need a manager/developer for my pvp server! I am currently in search for one and I hope someone would be nice enough to be one! 

For manager, I would want you to deicide what type of pvp server do you want it to be, I am struggling to see what players in minehut want a pvp server to be. Is it a KitPVP server? Is it a tier pvp server? Is it a Mining PVP server. As a manager, you will be in charge of the staff team and making choosing the right staff for our server! Your job is to communicate with players and build one of the best communities in minehut. As a manager, you must be 14 years or older unless you have a good reputation as one

I myself have a bit of experience of making skript but I need 2 developers that can make skripts/edit configs that are better than me. As a developer, you are tasked to make skripts, fix bugs, and setting up a well made discord server. Everything you do has to have good quality so the players can have a better server experience. As a developer, you must be 13 years or older unless you have a good reputation and made skripts that impresses me

One of my weakest spots are builder, I am really bad at building, so thats why I am requesting a builder to build just a small and simple arena yet looking appeasing to the players. I found that young people that plays minecraft are really creative I welcome them if they have a good building portfolio. As a builder, you are required to build on your own minehut server and send a world/schemtic as a build submmition, you will be granted access to build inside the server if your builds are good and you are trusted.

Since these are the most important positions, you must be online for 2.5 hours per day and provide a reason if you do not. Also you must be online at least one hour within this timeframe:

UTC 0:00 - 16:00

Unfortunately, I cannot pay anyone unless the profit exceeds the cost of server plans

To be honest, finding exceptional staff is one of the hardest things I could do, making an entire server by myself alone is easier than finding good staff members, I have made a really popular server on minehut before but it fell because all the staff members I could find are the ones in the lobby. So please, if you are free please take up one of these positions by adding my discord, axtaria#3496. Cheers!



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