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_not_Available_2's application


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Personal Questions:
Minecraft Username: _not_Available_2
Are you multilingual? Yes i speak dutch and english
Discord Username: [T-J]#2646
Timezone: im from the netherlands so CET (Central European Time)

Application Questions:
Why do you want to apply for a staff on Lift?
- When i first played on the server i found it amazing and i wanted to become a staff member and now you're applications for staff are open
How much time can you contribute to being a staff member on Lift?
- since im still in school not much but when i can i will
Have you been staff on any servers?
- yes only small minehut servers
How much experience do you have as a staff member?
- i am hosting my own server right now but i only use it as a survival server for me and my friends but anyhow i am if i do say so myself pretty good and i prommise i wont grief or abuse
Are you currently staff on any other servers?
- as i said im hosting my own server but other then that no not realy
Have you broken any rules on the Lift Discord or Minecaft server?
- not that i know of i have never been banned from it atleast

Situation Questions -
You banned someone for hacking, the community is outraged. How would you deal with the outrage?
- i would explain why i banned them and would try to calm them down
Explain a situation where you might have to act mature and professional while being staff on Lift.
- in case some people are fighting or in an arguement i would step in and try to calm the situation down and try to get them to get why the other is also right wile not making it worse

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