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Dirtlands - Staff Application


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1 - Playtime 
I can usually play/moderate for 12-18 hours a day. I can play the most on weekdays but if i am neck deep in work then i will most likely not be able to play at that time.

2 - Which server have i played on the most
I have played on Normal the most.

3 - Any past staff experiences
Yes. I Own 2 Discord servers with about 100 members each, and have been admin or HR (High Rank) on many others ranging from 100 - 1,000 members. I had a job as Moderator on TheArchon for around 6 months and i resigned because of school. I also had a short-lived helper job on PvPWars, for about 2 months, And i left because the server was not fun to play on and the community was very toxic, and it bettered me as a person in terms of knowing wrong from right and having responsibility. I also had Admin on a small server called TreeCraftPVP and was working for there for 3 months until the server shut down because of activity, and it was pulling around 3 players on at a time.

4 - Timezone
My timezone is EST

5 - Age
I am 14 years old.

6 - MC &  Discord Usernames
MC : lovse
Discord : Jestrs#6649

7 - I fully understand that my position and others are to moderate chat, discord, forums, and not abuse powers. I will take full responsibility for my actions and i will be sure to uphold the rules to the best of my ability.

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