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The official club for Dirtlands, an anarchic PVP and dirt economy server.

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  2. (main server btw) cause its annoying to have to swap from 1.16.4 to 1.16.1 sometimes
  3. Add Nukes
  4. Hello, These are my suggestions for a possible nerf to Fortune and Double Drops %. The Problem: The Problem is that Fortune 3 takes about 20 minutes to get with an efficiency 5 shovel and 100% of doubles drops takes ~20 hours of digging to get. This is insanely op as some people already have this maxed giving then 8 dirt per dirt mined 100% of the time. The Solution: Proposed Fortune Changes: Fortune I: 2x drops - 67% 1x drops - 33% Fortune II: 3x drops - 25% 2x drops - 25% 1x drops - 50% Fortune III: 4x drops - 20% 3x drops - 20% 2x drops - 20% 1x drops - 40% Proposed Leveling Changes: Every 100 levels gives a chance to have an extra dirt to be mined when broken NOT MULTIPLIED. Example: Level 1-100 = +1 Level 101-200 = +2 Level 201-300 = +3 etc. Thank you for reading and considering my changes.
  5. Hello, these are some QOL suggestions I have for Dirtlands. QOL IDEAS: Compacted Coin Voucher Made by trading 64 regular coin vouchers in the compacting villager. Gives 4096 coins when clicked Mass Sell Would sell all the vouchers in your inventory automatically Compressed Compacted Mycelium Made by trading 64 Compacted Mycelium in the compacting villager. Just a way to more easily store Mycelium Combat Timer People can easily just quit fights by typing /shop and it's really unfun I propose a 15 second combat timer for just PvP and not PvE. Thank you for reading. I may make another thread if I come up with more ideas.
  6. Two things i forgot, one my age, I'm 13, second, servers I've been staff on, cookilands which used to average 15 to 20 player but died off, leastiepvp winch has been deleted but averaged 6 players, genrpvp its a dead server now but it used to average 10 to 15 players, and a few others that I forgot
  7. First reason, I am a decent builder and i can do touchups on builds or build new shops in the future. I have built a few server spawns and I say that they aren't too bad for how much time I spent on them. I have over 10 hours on dirtlands and I play the non minehut one the most. Second, I'm not completely braindead or biased towards guilds so if I find anyone cheating duping etc. steak fort or not I wont hesitate to punish them. The staff on the server right now I feel have so much bias take LRay for example we have pretty hard evidence that he has duped/x rayed but what can we do when the staff team favors him not us. I have and still have staff on many different servers. Third, You guys don't have many really active staff other than JJ but even then they aren't really active but i have a lot of spare time after school to play dirt or work on updates. On school days i have maybe after school 7 - 10 hours of spare time and weekends I have maybe 16 - 20 hours of time at my disposal. Fourth and finally, I can make some good content updates adding new armor/enchant levels because we only have one armor set and its super easy to get, yeah you can turn it into netherite but its still the same armor but just very slightly better. I hope i can become mod or admin soon but if you decline I wont really get angry about it just a bit upset. Thanks for reading, StormyDuckMaster SpookyDuckMaster#7269
  8. Add compacted crops like compacted potatos, it would be nice for storage
  9. My Username: you know me I’m ItzGriffster Reason For Punishment: Spam NSFW/ Immature Why you should be unbanned: Because I was immature and I can be mature if I want and now that I got banned if I get unbanned I’ll be mature because I know I’ll get banned. Does that make sense ok
  10. activite the communty on the discord server, will gather so much more players Also maybe do a partnership program or whatever, you can partner with another discord/minecraft server and bring in players!
  11. I was just saying how I originally had a helper position on this server. I was trying to say that "Dirtlands is of course this server."
  12. I really like this application, and would love to see you on the server as a member of our staff! I'll go out and say that this is a definite acceptance from me, I'll get Encrypt's opinion on this later.
  13. What do you mean: "Dirtlands, of course, is this server."? Aside from that, I'd say a maybe, I'll get Encrypt's opinion on this before I go all in.
  14. 1 - Playtime I can usually play/moderate for 12-18 hours a day. I can play the most on weekdays but if i am neck deep in work then i will most likely not be able to play at that time. 2 - Which server have i played on the most I have played on Normal the most. 3 - Any past staff experiences Yes. I Own 2 Discord servers with about 100 members each, and have been admin or HR (High Rank) on many others ranging from 100 - 1,000 members. I had a job as Moderator on TheArchon for around 6 months and i resigned because of school. I also had a short-lived helper job on PvPWars, for about 2 months, And i left because the server was not fun to play on and the community was very toxic, and it bettered me as a person in terms of knowing wrong from right and having responsibility. I also had Admin on a small server called TreeCraftPVP and was working for there for 3 months until the server shut down because of activity, and it was pulling around 3 players on at a time. 4 - Timezone My timezone is EST 5 - Age I am 14 years old. 6 - MC & Discord Usernames MC : lovse Discord : Jestrs#6649 7 - I fully understand that my position and others are to moderate chat, discord, forums, and not abuse powers. I will take full responsibility for my actions and i will be sure to uphold the rules to the best of my ability.
  15. 1. I will be able to average about 16-23 hours a week on Dirtlands. My hours may vary depending on the week, though it should stay around the higher end. 2. The server I have played the most on is normal. 3. I have had a couple past experiences with being staff. The ones that I was active on the longest were Soaring, CrusadePVP, and Dirtlands. Soaring was an old elytra PvP server, which I was Admin on for about 8 months. The server was shut down as the owner couldn't pay for it anymore. It averaged about 20 players. CrusadePvP was another Factions/Kit PvP server which, as the name suggests, centered around the Middle Age Crusades. It was shut down because of "underage baddy bad pictures" being traded.I was one of the developers on the server for about 6 months. It averaged about 30 players. Dirtlands, of course, is this server. I was helper for about 7-ish months. I think it averages about 15-30 players at the time I was staff. 4. My time zone is CST 5. I am 13 6. My Minecraft username is Eternadox 7. My discord name and tag is Eternadox#2143 8. I understand that my position and job is to moderate server chat, Discord, Dirtlands forums, and to not abuse my power.
  16. make it so that mythic and starter shulkers disappear once you take the items out of them they make the compressed mycel for a shulker trade useless
  17. make command that make you staff on duty so staff cant use fly when they arent on duty like /sod and if they are combat tagged they have to do /sod confirm or something and stuff yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fly is for noob
  18. Thank you! I am very excited to work on this server, thank you for the opportunity.
  19. Great application, seems you have a lot of talents. Haven't seen you on in the past few resets but I assume either I haven't noticed or you're just returning. Recent activities aside, I do believe I've seen you before as I recognize your name a bit, and I do believe you DM'ed me that you were returning. Welcome to the staff team!
  20. Great Application, It's got the okay from me and I will tell you what Ivi says as soon as I get a response!
  21. On Dirtlands I will be able to play 10-14 hours per week. This number will almost always fluctuate depending on my workload for school. On monday through wednesday I have the most time to get on the server as well. The server I have played on the most is "normal." I have had various past experiences as staff on a wide variety of servers. The servers that left me with the most impactful experiences were named SteveMC, BeastCraftPvP, and VatalityPvP. On SteveMC, the player count averaged around 5-10 players and I worked as a moderator. On this server I gained both valuable traits, and skills such as integrity, the ability to admit and own up to my wrong doings, and the ability to monitor chats in strenuous situations. On BeastCraftPvP, we unfortunately never opened to the public, but I worked as an Co-Owner. I learned how to work with a team, and give them directions in order to make efficient use of their time. On VatalityPvP, the server averaged about 10-20 players, and the discord server had around 25 active users (I was Senior-Mod, and promoted to Head-Admin in 2 days). This server was extremely professional, and taught me valuable lessons about how to present myself, and how to cater to the player. For instance, I strive to treat players in a way so that they feel welcomed and truly want to join the server the next day. My time zone is PST. I am 15 (almost 16). My minecraft username is feetfirst. My discord username and tag is MrBot #9238. I fully understand that the position of every staff member is to moderate chat, discord, forums, and not abuse powers.
  22. i wouldve done that awhile ago but you have to do stuff with ports and ivi wont contact customer support
  23. make it so when you vote in minecraftservers.org (https://minecraftservers.org/server/578812) it gives a reward in game each time you do
  24. What is your playtime on Dirtlands? (Must be 10 hours or more) What server have you played on the most? (Coarse or Normal) Have you had any past staff experience? What is your timezone? (EST, PST, GMT, etc) Are you above the age of 13? What is your Minecraft username? What is your Discord username and tag? Do you understand that as staff your job is to moderate chat, discord, forums, and not abuse your powers?

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