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Dirtlands - Staff Application


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1. I will be able to average about 16-23 hours a week on Dirtlands.  My hours may vary depending on the week, though it should stay around the higher end.

2. The server I have played the most on is normal.

3. I have had a couple past experiences with being staff. The ones that I was active on the longest were Soaring, CrusadePVP, and Dirtlands. Soaring was an old elytra PvP server, which I was Admin on for about 8 months. The server was shut down as the owner couldn't pay for it anymore. It averaged about 20 players. CrusadePvP was another Factions/Kit PvP server which, as the name suggests, centered around the Middle Age Crusades. It was shut down because of "underage baddy bad pictures" being traded.I was one of the developers on the server for about 6 months. It averaged about 30 players. Dirtlands, of course, is this server. I was helper for about 7-ish months. I think it averages about 15-30 players at the time I was staff.

4. My time zone is CST

5. I am 13

6. My Minecraft username is Eternadox

7. My discord name and tag is Eternadox#2143

8. I understand that my position and job is to moderate server chat, Discord, Dirtlands forums, and to not abuse my power.


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