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Admin abuse please unban me



My username is nadav12353 and I have been banned from all mine hut servers I try to join. I'm trying to play on my friend's server and it won't let me even get on. It says I have been banned for curse But I cursed my friend it was an internal joke
Cursing/Swearing in the lobbies is not permitted, bypassing the chat filter will result in a mute and not 4 Months  , and ever since I have been unable to join any of the servers  I just want to play Minecraft!! Pleaseeeeee unban
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6 minutes ago, ThatOneSponk said:

Hey, sorry to hear you are having trouble. The staff do not have the ability to ban people from player servers.

You can have your friend unban you through the Minehut console using the command "/unban nadav12353"

He said he's been banned from all Minehut servers and the reason is cursing in the lobby. 

You can appeal here.

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