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[BUG] Gravity blocks turn into ghost blocks when falling



I can't find a right topic to put this in but I've always encountered sand/gravel etc. blocks dissapearing (when they're falling) and then glitches happen like the phenomenon of Ghost Blocks, which are invisible glitchy blocks that have a weird collision when you go in their place. I don't really know how to explain (anything), so you'll have to bear with me and try to understand.

Also, when the Ghost Blocks thing happen and I glitch when I'm in their collision box, I get stuck sometimes and can't move out of the way/escape.. it's a complicated thing.

I wanna know what makes this happen and why it happens. Is it intended? Is it a general bug? Is it a server/minehut-exclusive bug?...

also when I place a block in their place, the block glitches back into the gravity block, and then surprisingly, floats mid-air..

TELL ME WHAT THIS SORCERY IS PLEASE. Is it intended for it to behave like this? Is gravity removed from servers due to lag?

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