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Staff Application - Dirtlands


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  1. On Dirtlands I will be able to play 10-14 hours per week. This number will almost always fluctuate depending on my workload for school. On monday through wednesday I have the most time to get on the server as well.

  2. The server I have played on the most is "normal."

  3. I have had various past experiences as staff on a wide variety of servers. The servers that left me with the most impactful experiences were named SteveMC, BeastCraftPvP, and VatalityPvP. On SteveMC, the player count averaged around 5-10 players and I worked as a moderator. On this server I gained both valuable traits, and skills such as integrity, the ability to admit and own up to my wrong doings, and the ability to monitor chats in strenuous situations. On BeastCraftPvP, we unfortunately never opened to the public, but I worked as an Co-Owner. I learned how to work with a team, and give them directions in order to make efficient use of their time. On VatalityPvP, the server averaged about 10-20 players, and the discord server had around 25 active users (I was Senior-Mod, and promoted to Head-Admin in 2 days). This server was extremely professional, and taught me valuable lessons about how to present myself, and how to cater to the player. For instance, I strive to treat players in a way so that they feel welcomed and truly want to join the server the next day. 

  4. My time zone is PST. 

  5. I am 15 (almost 16). 

  6. My minecraft username is feetfirst.

  7. My discord username and tag is MrBot #9238.

  8. I fully understand that the position of every staff member is to moderate chat, discord, forums, and not abuse powers.

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Great application, seems you have a lot of talents. Haven't seen you on in the past few resets but I assume either I haven't noticed or you're just returning.

Recent activities aside, I do believe I've seen you before as I recognize your name a bit, and I do believe you DM'ed me that you were returning.

Welcome to the staff team!

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