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i cant get rid of mobs



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Sup MantleMetalCat,

In order to remove slimes, there is an option to disable monster spawning in your server panel under the settings tab. Alternatively you can change your difficulty by doing /difficulty peaceful  ingame or select peaceful in the difficulty option under the settings tab.

As for the villages, there is an option in the settings tab in the panel that disables structures from generating.

Hopefully this helps, have a good day.

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Hey! If you install the plugin skript you can go into files>plugins>skript>scripts make a new file named cl.sk and paste this in... then do /sk reload cl 


every 1 second:
	loop all entities where [entity is villager or slime]:
		clear event-entity

If this doesn't work just reply to this topic and I will change up the code.


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[MOD] - March 18th 2023


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